Have your say about how allotments are managed in the future

Glasgow City Council is due to revise how the allotments sites that it lets out to plotholders are to be managed. A GAF working party drawn from 8 GCC sites has been looking at the issues and has put forward a model for the future.

Join our final discussion on the draft proposals our GAF working group has put together to take to the council.

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Help us to keep Potato Day going

We’re looking for volunteers to help out with managing our big annual fundraising event. It’s largely been a one-woman show for the past 10 years, with the fantastic Jan MacDonald running the orders, the logistics, the advertising and the timeline. Lots of volunteers have helped out each year to make the day happen, but Jan…

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AGM 2021 // 2 December 7 – 8:30pm

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Zoom this year. The AGM is open to everyone who is a plotholder in Glasgow. It receives reports on GAF’s activities and finance and
elects officers and members of the committee. If you want to join the committee, or have any resolutions or proposals for actions for the AGM, please get in touch.

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Reforming Rules and Regulations for Allotments in Glasgow

Please would you discuss the work we have done (two files, below) with your committee and your members, and get back to us with your views on these important matters. Glasgow City Council’s Food Growing Strategy Action Plan was approved on 8th June 2021. Action 15 in this plan concerns the introduction of a Glasgow…

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Event summary: how to preserve your harvest 🥫

We  had an interesting discussion on October 7th 2021 about preserving our produce, which covered a range of topics from seed-saving to sauerkraut. We’ve written up a summary on the various techniques people have been using, with references to other sources of information and advice in our record of  the session. Watch the event recording…

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COP26 Events

Have a look through events being run, or curated by: the Glasgow Community Food Network; the COP26 Coalition; Stop Climate Chaos Scotland; and Nourish Scotland.

(We recommend checking whether you need to register for events in advance!)

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Potato Day 2022 – Early Plans

It might still be early days, but the wheels have started turning on plans for next year’s Potato Day! We’ll again be taking bulk orders from whole allotment sites at a reduced cost – details below. We’ll then open our online shop for personal orders for individual buyers in mid-January early February. We hope to…

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People at an open day

Open Zoom Discussion – Thursday 6 May 7-8pm

Do you think allotment sites should encourage a greater knowledge and experience of the natural environment and food growing in their locality? Register below to come along and share experiences and ideas about working with community groups. Discuss the why, what and how of contributing to your local community in these ways – particularly in…

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Peat-free compost webinar with Dalefoot

The starting pistol has sounded and we’re off! Another growing season is underway. As we all reach for the seed sowing kit and seed packets we will all be thinking about getting our hands on quality growing medium to ensure the best chances for our darling seedlings & plants. Join us for a Q&A session…

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Potato Day 2021

We’re doing things a bit different this year. Put in a bulk / group order through your local Glasgow allotment site for discounted prices. We’ll open an online version for individual orders here shortly.

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Report & Next Steps – Action for New Allotments

Following a successful meeting with representatives of Glasgow City Council, we’ll be holding a next-steps meeting for anyone who’d like to help us move forward with finding new land for allotments. If you’re interested, you can get involved in our next meeting on 19 November.

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Bag your allotment site £500 from GAF 💰

Could you use £500 to improve your site? The GAF Allotment Development Awards (ADAs) will be on offer again this year. You just need to come up with a plan for how you’ll spend it for the betterment of your site. We’ll give an award to one site in each of the three regions of…

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Don’t miss the opportunity to win £500!

Could you use £500 to improve your site? The GAF Allotment Development Awards (ADAs) will be on offer again this year. Make sure you express an interest with the GAF secretary at by July 31st. You’ll find all the details for the ADAs over on our Awards page.

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Talk this Thursday – sign-up here!

Come and join us on a tour of Graham Bell’s Forest Garden – Thursday July 2,  7 – 8 pm The video will play for the first 30 minutes, and afterwards you can take part in our discussion with him about growing food organically. Put your name on the list and we’ll send you the link to join…

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