Reforming Rules and Regulations for Allotments in Glasgow

Please would you discuss the work we have done (two files, below) with your committee and your members, and get back to us with your views on these important matters.

Glasgow City Council’s Food Growing Strategy Action Plan was approved on 8th June 2021. Action 15 in this plan concerns the introduction of a Glasgow Food Growers Forum that is to:

  • Develop facilitated consultation on allotment rules and regulations, devolved duties and legal agreements with stakeholders

GAF has two representatives on this group: Jenny Reeves, Chair of GAF, and Sarah Henry who is a member of the GAF Executive.

Since the GAF zoom meeting: Open Forum – Change is Coming to Allotments held on 1st July, a working group formed of GAF members has been looking at these issues and has developed the first draft of a framework that its members feel ought to underpin discussions with the local authority. It consists of:

  • A recommendation that allotment associations retain the status of unincorporated associations and therefore continue in their current role as agents of the GCC as landlord.
  • The outline of a scheme of delegation which makes the relationship between the GCC and the site-based allotment associations transparent and establishes the obligations of each party to the other.
  • An outline of what the group members believe should be common features of all allotment associations’ constitutions and rules including three essential procedures
    • Disciplinary – for cultivation and behaviour
    • Financial – clear guidelines on financial decision-making
    • Complaints – as part of safeguarding all association members

We will hold a zoom meeting on Thursday January 27th to report back on the feedback we get from you and to enable further discussion of the critical issues that the revision of allotment rules and regulations raises for our members.