Glasgow’s Consultation on New Allotment Regulations and Delegation of Management

Some of you have written into us enquiring about what is happening about the consultation process we outlined earlier in the year.

Whilst there has been no official communication with us, we have reason to believe that the original timeline and sequence of events will be altered.

As far as we know, the Food Growing Team intend to start with individual negotiations with each Allotment Association about the terms of delegation laid down by the Community Empowerment Act Section 123.

This section requires that each allotment association applies in writing to manage:

a) their waiting list
b) notice of termination and renewal of tenancy
c) spending of monies given for training or promotional purposes.

GCC’s Officers are then required to satisfy themselves that the association is capable of carrying out these functions and both parties must then sign an agreement to that effect which is to be regularly reviewed. They are currently discussing this matter with their legal team.

The implication at the moment seems to be that only once this negotiation has been completed for all the local authority’s allotment sites will the process of consultation on the new allotment regulations be carried out.

At present, GAF does not have any information about the revised timelines for all of this.

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1 thought on “Glasgow’s Consultation on New Allotment Regulations and Delegation of Management

  1. I dont live in Glasgow but I am watching what happens here because it is such a large local authority that potentially the outcomes will influence how other local authorities tackle the act and implement its provisions. I think that what happens here will have Scottish wide implications. I am hoping Glasgow can forge a positive way forward for that reason and be an exemplar. The act is absolutely key to the survival and long term health of allotments. It took so many years and so much effort from so many skilled and passionate people to get the act. There were people eating, sleeping and breathing the act to get it over the line. I hope there is is enough gas left in the tank to take it through to satisfactory implementation.

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