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GAF event reports and government policy work

Event Reports & Summaries

Where our events and discussions have led to formal summaries, report, or notes, you’ll find those below.

For a list of all events past and future, see our events calendar.

October 2021

Event: Presentation – Preserving fruit and veg, and seed-saving – 7 Oct 2021, 7-8pm

GAF Campaigns, Reports & Policy Responses

We frequently work to represent the interests of plotholders in Glasgow. This involves responding to national and local government activity, as well as proactively making recommendations and campaigning for improvements.

October 2021

  • Glasgow City Council’s Food Growing Strategy Action Plan (see ‘Glasgow City Council Publications’, below) was approved on 8th June 2021. Action 15 in this plan concerns the introduction of a Glasgow Food Growers Forum that is to ‘Develop facilitated consultation on allotment rules and regulations, devolved duties and legal agreements with stakeholders
  • A working group formed of GAF members has therefore been looking at these issues and has developed this first draft of a framework of rules and regulations that its members feel ought to underpin discussions with the local authority.

For more details on how these arose and how to give feedback, see this news post.

September 2021

October 2020

  • GAF’s early work to establish a group for non-plotholders to assemble, discuss, and campaign for more growing space(s) in Glasgow
Relevant Legislation

These pieces of national legislation have direct implications for plotholders in Glasgow.

You may find references to them in our reports and position pieces, above.

We also highlight them here so that you may simply familiarise yourself with the constraints as well as the rights that apply to anyone maintaining a plot or an allotment site.

These documents may be of particular interest to those on site committees, or to those who wish to establish new growing sites.

The Community Empowerment Act 2015

  • which includes a duty on local authorities to provide allotments, and to act if the waiting list exceeds 50% of the total number of allotment spaces owned by the council – see Section 112

The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019

  • which includes a duty on local authorities to provide an Open Space Strategy ‘to set out a strategic framework of the planning authority’s policies and proposals as to the development, maintenance and use of green infrastructure in their district‘ – see Section 3
Glasgow City Council Publications

National legislation often operates by placing responsibilities on local councils to put their contents into action.

The following Glasgow City Council resources are therefore often a direct result of the legislation mentioned above.

Glasgow City Council’s Draft Food Growing Strategy

  • which the Council were required to write as a result of the Act above, and which includes a plan to develop new allotment sites over the next 5 years – see page 28

Glasgow City Council’s Open Space Strategy, adopted Feb 2020

  • which has overlap with the plans for new allotment spaces mentioned in the draft Food Growing Strategy, mentioned above

GAF committee meetings