Raising the Rents

Raising the Rents

Last week (17 Feb), Glasgow City Council approved a proposal to raise the rent for a full size allotment plot from £35 a year to £114 a year. A more than 200% rise in one year! 

Glasgow Allotments Forum will be holding a public meeting to discuss responses to this decision and on-going developments with regard to allotment regulations in the very near future, so please watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Raising the Rents

  1. Hope this is a helpful comparison – Stirling Council have raised the rents from £160 a year til £247 and have removed concessions – this applies to council managed sites and a full cost recovery approach is being used. Some years ago SAGS supported plotters affected when a similar rise was proposed. Self managed sites in Stirling have more reasonable rents but in the absence of a scheme of delegation or the council putting the guidelines into force there are a range of ‘practices’ in place by committee incumbents. a really serious discussion is needed nationally about putting all the work and lobbying done for CEA section 9 into place to facilitate supported and responsible self management.

  2. Stirling Council have reversed their decision to raise the rents on the council managed sites. This is good news for Stirling. Good luck to Glasgow achieving similar.

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