There are 32 allotment sites across Glasgow. In total, they cover just over 32 hectares (80 acres), which is roughly the size of Kelvingrove Park.

Most are the property of Glasgow City Council (GCC), but some are privately owned. Each site, whether council or private, is run by its own committee. You can contact each committee’s secretary via the details in each map location below.

We informally group Glasgow allotments into 3 areas: North-Western Area, North-Eastern Area, and Southern Area. This is just an internal distinction that helps us communicate with them. Those marked with a ‘P’ symbol are locally owned, which means they may have slightly different local rules from those owned by Glasgow City Council.

Click on each site for contact details:

You can also download a copy of everyone’s contact details in our Table of Sites 2019

Glasgow City Council also has a map showing other sites they own: Parks, Play Areas, Cemeteries and Outdoor Recreation

Applying for a Plot

You should apply directly to the secretary of an Allotment Association giving your own contact details. You can apply to as many Allotment Associations as you like* and they’ll let you know when you reach the top of their list. You’ll then be invited to go and look at which plots are available.

*NB: Some privately owned allotment sites may have eligibility criteria, such as living within a given catchment area. Details will be available from the relevant secretary.

Allotment Open Days

Many sites hold an open day during the late spring or summer. You’ll find dates for those open days we know about on our events listings. If you’d like us to publicise your site’s dates, please get in touch!