Timetable for publication of new rules for Glasgow City Council allotments

Glasgow City Council is proposing to put forward new draft rules and regulations for allotment sites and a first draft scheme of delegation of management to site Associations early in the New Year.

The timetable we have been given is:

  • Drafting documents will be completed by January 7th
  • Associations will have until January 21st to consider these drafts.
  • Re-drafts will then go out for public consultation from January 28th until March 11th
  • Final versions of the rules and regulations and the scheme of delegation will be published on March 25th.

Your rents, services, obligations, legal status and future development are all up for discussion and alteration as part of this process.

GAF will be organising opportunities for briefings and discussions about this process. It is very important that you get involved.

Next steps

  • Check that you’re on our mailing list – let us know if you’re not, and we’ll add you
  • Let other plotholders at your site know they can do the same
  • Our mailling list only has ~150 of you who have let us know you’d like to receive emails. We therefore mainly try to reach plotholders in Glasgow via Committee Secretaries.
    • If you’re a Secretary, please do pass on this news to your members.
    • If you’re a plotholder and your Secretary / Committee don’t often forward GAF messages, please let them know you’d be interested to have this information forwarded on / posted on your site notice board, etc.
    • Help us check whether we have up-to-date contact details the most recent version of your Committee at our list of allotment sites – click the map to see details we have for each site.
  • Join our Facebook Group – we’ll also post updates there.

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