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There are usually three awards for Glasgow plotholders and their allotment associations:

  • New Plotholders’ Awards – for those who have had a plot for up to a year.
  • Saint Mungo’s Trophy – for the best allotment plot in the city (contact Glasgow City Council for details)

This year, we are only running the Allotment Development Awards.

The purpose of these awards is to help allotment sites improve and sustain both their communities and their environment. The awards are intended to encourage the sharing and celebration of knowledge and practice about good food cultivation and communal wellbeing across the City.

We will be running these award presentations and voting via videoconferencing.

Who can participate?

Only voluntary organisations may participate. (Last year’s winners are excluded from entry.)


  • 31 July: Submission of expression of interest by associations
  • 14 August: Proposals published on the GAF website
  • 19 August: Presentation of proposals and voting by video conference 

Submit an Expression of Interest (Deadline: 31 July)