Allotment Development Awards

Allotment Development Awards (ADAs)

Winners of the ADAs 2021 were chosen by public vote on Thursday 9 September.

Recordings of the presentations will be posted here shortly!

What are the ADAs?

The Allotment Development Awards help allotment sites improve and sustain both their communities and their environment. They’re also intended to encourage the sharing of knowledge and practice about good food cultivation and communal wellbeing across the city.

Three awards of £500 each are given to an Association in the South, the North East, and the North West to help them move forward with an improvement project.

The awards are decided on the basis of presentations made to an audience of GAF members in August, and the Associations who win the money come back with a report on how they have used it in the following year.

ADAs have been used by associations for a variety of purposes, including to help develop a community space for groups visiting a site, to move work forward the development of a small nature reserve, to provide better access for gardeners with disabilities, and to create a wildlife area and better communal facilities for plotholders.

Who can participate?

Any allotment site within Glasgow City Council boundaries, as long as they operate as a purely voluntary organisation. Last year’s winners are excluded from entry.

Who presented this year?

Southwestern Allotments & The People’s Plot

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Sir John Stirling Maxwell Allotments

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Centurion Way Growers

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How does voting work?

You’ll listen to three presentations, and judge them on three criteria:

  • Caring for the Earth
  • Building Your Association
  • Making Local Connections

How do we apply?

Applications are closed for this year.

If you’d like to apply next year, have a look at this year’s timeline below, read our full proposal guidance (NB: may be subject to changes next year), talk to your committee to work up a plan acceptable to the people on your allotment site, and send your Expression of Interest to the GAF secretary when we open again next year.

Previous applications

For inspiration, have a look at the slides and handouts from 2020’s applicants.

Timeline for 2021

  • Mon 17 May

    Submission period opens for Expressions of Interest

  • Fri 30 July

    Deadline for Expressions of Interest

  • Thu 9 September, 7-8:30pm

    Proposals are presented (~5 mins each). Audience votes for a winner in each region.

  • Thu 4 Nov

    Presentation of awards at GAF AGM