Potato Day Shop

We’ll open the shop in the next week or so. In the meantime, browse the catalogue below for a rough idea of what’s on sale!

Potato Day is our annual sale of seed potatoes, seeds, compost, fertilisers and sundries (usually at a physical venue!) in February.

Any proceeds go into funding things like the Allotment Development Awards, allowing allotment sites to bid for infrastructure improvements, and the New Plotholder Awards, encouraging fresh growers.

It’s a great chance to start your allotment year, and also to meet other people from across the city. Last time – before the pandemic – we had over 500 people through the doors!

We hope to be back with an in-person Potato Day next year, Feb 2024. For one final year, we’re running the shop online again while the process is taken on by a new team of volunteers.

How it works

  • By Friday 13th January

    • Get together with others at your allotment site / community group
    • Browse the catalogue below for descriptions of each potato
    • Fill out the bulk order form for your group
    • £100 minimum order / £200 to qualify for delivery to your location
    • Email the form back to us and send your payment
  • Between Friday 13th of January and mid-February

    • We’ll work with the wholesalers to confirm our one giant order
    • If there are crop shortages, we’ll contact you about the next best alternatives
    • The web shop will open for personal orders at standard prices (~75p more per item than the bulk order form)
  • Mid-February onwards

    • Bulk orders over £200: we’ll deliver to your location (within Glasgow City Council boundaries)
    • Bulk orders under £200 / personal orders via the website: we’ll arrange a time when you can collect from this year’s GAF HQ (Pollokshaws)

Why is it still online this year?

While we might have been able to find a hall now that the pandemic restrictions have mostly all lifted, we’re also working with a new team.

Many of you will know Jan McDonald, the fantastic one-woman engine who drove the event for the past 10+ years. Jan has hung up her boots to focus on other ventures now, and though she’s still at the end of a phone call if we need her advice, we’re just making sure that we can at least get the most important part right: getting you the potatoes in a way that:

  • brings you a huge variety,
  • saves you money,
  • and generally provides a friendly service to you and your fellow growers.