Action for New Allotments Meeting – Tue 27 October at 19:30 (online)

“I would like an allotment space where I can learn with other people how to grow food. I’ve been added to “the waiting list for the waiting list”. How long will I have to wait?”

In view of the long-standing shortage of plots in Glasgow and the large increase in demand for that most of us have experienced as a result of the Covid pandemic, we believe we need the City Council to take action by making more land available for food growing.

The best hope we have of doing this is to help those who want a plot to get together to campaign for change.

You’re welcome to join in, particularly if you don’t already have an allotment, or if your allotment life would be more convenient if a new site were set up closer to home.

To register for the meeting, to put forward any questions for discussion, or just to find out more, email

Councillor Martha Wardrop (Green Party Councillor for Hillhead) and Rachel Smith (Glasgow City Council Landscape Design and Development Manager) have agreed to attend an online meeting to discuss:

  • the opportunities for new sites in Glasgow
  • the Community Empowerment Act 2015
    • which includes a duty on local authorities to provide allotments, and to act if the waiting list exceeds 50% of the total number of allotment spaces owned by the council – see Section 112
  • Glasgow City Council’s Draft Food Growing Strategy
    • which the Council were required to write as a result of the Act above, and which includes a plan to develop new allotment sites over the next 5 years – see page 28

You may also be interested to read about:

  • the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019
    • which includes a duty on local authorities to provide an Open Space Strategy ‘to set out a strategic framework of the planning authority’s policies and proposals as to the development, maintenance and use of green infrastructure in their district‘ – see Section 3
  • Glasgow City Council’s Open Space Strategy, adopted in Feb 2020
    • which has overlap with the plans for new allotment spaces mentioned in the draft Food Growing Strategy, mentioned above
Introduction to panel members
Jenny Reeves
(Chair, Glasgow Allotments Forum)
19:35The Community Empowerment Act 2015
What it says about allotments and food growing
Jenny Reeves
19:45Glasgow’s Response
The Food Growing Strategy and proposed action regarding new allotments
Rachel Smith
(Landscape Design and Development Manager, Glasgow City Council)
Participants’ questions about the meaning and implementation of the new legislation in Glasgow
Panel chaired by Scott Ramsay
(Member, Glasgow Allotments Forum)
20:15Taking Action
How you can make your voice heard
Strategies / approaches for effectively demanding land / space for growing
Councillor Martha Wardrop
(Green Party Councillor for Hillhead)
Participants’ questions about taking action for the provision of new growing spaces
Panel chaired by Scott Ramsay
20:40Summary and Next StepsJenny Reeves,
Rachel Smith, and
Councillor Martha Wardrop

If you can’t make the meeting, you’re still very welcome to join the campaign. Get in touch so we can keep you up-to-date with developments and other activities in the future.

An Evening with Charles Dowding – ‘No-Dig: Allow Soil Life to Do the Work’ Mon 19 October at 19:00 (online)

We’re approaching capacity for a single Zoom meeting (100 people), but if you add your name, we’ll keep you on a waiting list.

If we aren’t able to get you off the waiting list, keep an eye on our Facebook Group and hopefully we’ll be able to livestream it there too!

Charles is well-known, but if you’ve never heard of him then now’s the time to learn something new from the master of no-dig.

When people hear those words, first thoughts are often of semi-wild patches of ground between crops, given over to wildlife. On the contrary – no-dig helps you cut down on weeds without all the back-breaking work.

As part of Charles’ current speaking tour of the UK, he’s agreed to add a stop for the plotholders of Glasgow. Of course, now that we’re living with certain restrictions, the event has shifted online so that people will actually be able to attend!

Watch these two videos first

27 mins
3 mins

A large part of no dig’s success is to do with the relative absence of weeds. You save so much time, and are free to be more creative, with less of the constant need to weed.

— Charles Dowding,

Cast your vote on Wednesday at 7pm – Allotment Development Awards 2020 🗳️

This year’s Allotment Development Awards are going ahead online at 7pm on Wednesday 19 August (next week).

You’ll need to register first to get access to the link, so visit the registration page here to put your name down on the list!

There are 3 contenders competing to win one of the £500 prizes by telling us their plans for how they’d spend the money to develop their site. They’ll give us a 3-5 minute presentation, accompanied either by a video or a written plan, and then the audience will have a chance for a 5-minute question-and-answer session, discussing the strengths of each bid.

Each attendee will then get one vote to cast in each of the three regional competition areas. Votes will be cast via a poll within Zoom, and the winners will be announced live at the end of the vote.

The presentation videos / written plans will be posted here as they come in to us, so have a look at them before the event.

It’ll be a great chance to see how other people run their allotment sites, and it might give you some inspiration on how you could develop your own. You might even decide to start thinking about an application of your own, for next year…

The competitors

Have a look at these before you come along to vote!

‘Creating a Great Green Community’
Springburn Gardens

‘Community Orchard’
Lambhill Allotments

‘Harmony Gardeners’
Oatlands Gate Allotments

Casting your vote

The awards should be judged against our 3 criteria:

  • Caring for the Earth
  • Building Your Association
  • Making Local Connections

The voting process is simple, but to make it even simpler (and fairer), here’s a full guide to what you should think about when making up your mind:

Running order:

  1. Brief welcome and explanation of the process
  2. Presentations
    – Lambhill Allotments
    – Oatlands Gate Allotments
    – Springburn Allotments
  3. Voting
  4. Announcement of winners

If you have any questions, either about the awards or the technology, just let us know.

Register for 2 July Event: Forest Gardening – Working with Nature

Thu 2 Jul 7-8pm – Online (via Zoom)

This month, special guest Graham Bell will talk about how he developed a ‘Forest Garden’ at his home, Garden Cottage, which is in the town of Coldstream in the Borders. In developing the garden he has been guided by permaculture principles, working with nature rather than seeking to alter it with chemicals and over-cultivation of the soil.

The session will begin with a video where Graham takes us on a fascinating walk round the highly productive garden he has developed over the last 30 or so years. He talks about how he has applied his ideas to his gardening practice and the effects that this has had over time. The video lasts half an hour.

There will then be a half-hour session when members of the group can talk directly to Graham and get answers to any questions that they want to raise.

You can either:

  • join the session at 7 pm on Zoom (see below) to first watch the video live with the group, then take part in a discussion of what you have seen with Graham at 7.30, or…
  • watch the video in your own time on YouTube and then join us in the Zoom group (see below) for just the discussion part at 7.30 pm.

Joining instructions

To help combat a recent trend of determined internet trolls who pop up in publicly-advertised Zoom meetings and cause disruption, we’re using a quick Registration option. (It just lets us keep track of how many people we’re expecting, and puts off those disruptive folk who just want an easy party to crash!)

Once you register, you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to join the meeting. We’ll also be able to send you a reminder with the meeting link shortly before it starts.

If you haven’t already downloaded Zoom, you can get it from here (if you’re on a computer, you want the ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’, at the top; if you’re using a mobile device, you can get the app for Android or for iOS further down).

The video

If you’d like to watch on your own, you can do so at your leisure any time before the discussion kicks off on Zoom at 7:30 on Thu 2 July.

Celebration Gallery: Keep them Coming 🖼️

The first set of photos have rolled in for our celebration gallery.

Keep sending in photos, paintings, written pieces and video clips from your own plot and let us know what it means to you during lockdown.

Preview of celebration gallery

Catch up on the original invitation…

Call for photos, sketches & stories 📷

We call upon our members and friends to join us in this virtual celebration by sending us pictures, sketches, or stories of your allotment for the rest of this year.