It’s Potato Day 🥔

It’s only the biggest day of the year!

If you’re a follower of our Facebook group, you’ll have been reading about all the last-minute details posted by Jan, our fantastic Potato Day organiser.

For those of you who haven’t, here’s a run-down of the key info:

  • The venue: Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre (in Dennistoun, just off Duke Street and near Bellgrove railway station)
  • The time: 11am – 3pm
  • The programme: potato sales, workshops, face painting, seed swapping, and cake!
  • The potatoes: see down below, or download the list to your device:
  • 12 noon workshops

    Keeping Bees on the Allotment

    Many folk say they’re interested in keeping bees but there are many things to consider, especially on an allotment site. Hear first-hand experience, valuable advice, and enthusiasm for bees!

    Speaker: Delia Henry, independent bee-keeper

    An Intro to Home Composting

    Rose will explain how to enrich and improve your garden or allotment with home-made compost and reduce kitchen and garden waste. She’ll cover how to set up a composting system, where, when, how and why, what (and what not!) to compost, as well as how ot manage your system and any problems.

    Speaker: Rose Harvey, master composter

    Wild Secrets of the Hidden Gardens

    What and where are the Hidden Gardens? Find out about its development from an abandoned derelect site to the beautiful community oasis that it is today. Come and hear about the wildlife-fireldy garden projects and surveys going on, and how you can encourage and sustain wildlife on your plot, community, school or home gardens.

    Speaker: Paula Murdoch, Hidden Gardens

  • 1:30 workshops


    Have you ever considered saving your own seed? Seed-saving is easy and it saves you money. Learn the basics of saving seeds from your own home-grown produce, as well as the steps for better germination and growing stronger, healthier plants.

    Speaker: Richie Walsh, Glasgow Community Food Network

    Glasgow City Food Plan

    We all love food and we all enjoy growing it. Discover how Glasgow can grow high-quality, fresh, local, organic produce that is available and affordable for all, and when good food is a celebrated part of our culture.

    Speaker: Abi Mordin, Glasgow Community Food Network

    Healthy Soil

    Living soil has the same four basic requirements we do: food, water, shelter and air. How do you look after your soil? What type of diet does itneed? How do you supply what’s missing? Come and learn how to build soil health, and maintain it all year round.

    Speaker: Emma Iller, Urban Roots

Potato Varieties

VarietyOrganic?Cropping  Time
1Accord1st early
2Arran Pilot1st early
3Casablanca1st early
4Duke of York 1st early
5Dunluce1st early
6Epicure1st early
7International Kidney1st early
8Lady Christl1st early
9Maris Bard1st early
10Pentland Javelin1st early
11Premiere1st early
12Red Duke of York1st early
13Rocket1st early
14Sharpes Express1st early
15Swift1st early
16Winston1st early
17Abbott2nd early
18Bambinoorg2nd early
19Bonnie2nd early
20Charlotte2nd early
21Elfe* 2nd early
22Gemson2nd early
23Kestrel 2nd early
24Nadine2nd early
25Nicola2nd early
26Shetland Black 2nd early
27Wilja 2nd early
28Vivaldi*2nd early
29Yukon Gold2nd early
30AmourMain Crop
31Arran VictoryorgMain Crop
32CaraMain Crop
33DesireeMain Crop
34Golden WonderMain Crop
35HarmonyMain Crop
36Kerrs PinkMain Crop
37Kifli Main Crop
38King EdwardMain Crop
39Kingsman Main Crop
40Maris PiperMain Crop
41Mayan Gold Main Crop
42OrlaMain Crop
43PicassoMain Crop
44Pink Fir AppleMain Crop
45Pink Gypsy Main Crop
46Salad BlueMain Crop
47Sarpo MiraMain Crop
48Sarpo ShonaMain Crop
49Red EmmalieMain Crop
50Rooster*Main Crop
All varieties 20p per tuber. 20 tubers of one variety £3 Except for Albert Barlett* pre-packs – can’t be divided

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