Help us to keep Potato Day going

We’re looking for volunteers to help out with managing our big annual fundraising event.

It’s largely been a one-woman show for the past 10 years, with the fantastic Jan MacDonald running the orders, the logistics, the advertising and the timeline.

Lots of volunteers have helped out each year to make the day happen, but Jan has been coordinating everything herself, and she’s let us know that this year will be her final year at the helm. She’s looking to pass on the baton (the big chip?) and while it’s a job that can be shared out, ideally it takes one volunteer leading the team from the front.

Jan MacDonald

Do you have…

Seed-swap table
  • an interest (or experience) in running an event?
  • some free time to donate between December and March each year?
  • a keenness to put on a fantastic event for growers across Glasgow?

You don’t need to have all of them – one or two will do!

Dip your toe in the water – shadow Jan this year

  • Meet up online with Jan and a few others from the GAF executive committee to see how the whole show works
  • See whether you think it’s for you
  • Learn the ropes (including a look at the temporary online version)
  • Bring along your new ideas
Jan at the welcome table

The physical event

Here’s a flavour of what the last in-person event looked like, in February 2020 at the Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre.

Potatoes are the main attraction, and ordering those is the biggest job, but there’s plenty more you could volunteer to help out with too!

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