Good Food Hustings – 27 April, 17:30 – 19:00

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From the organiser:

The Scottish Local Council Election for Glasgow City is due to take place on the 5th May 2022. This Good Food Hustings will be a chance to hear from party representatives on where they stand on key issues such as urban growing and allotments, emergency food provision, and food procurement. After hearing from candidates, attendees will have the chance to ask questions.

With the Glasgow City Food Plan launched in June 2021, this election is key in ensuring that elected councillors will support the implementation of the plan and the Good Food movement more broadly. The Glasgow City Food Plan is a framework to achieve: “a food system in Glasgow that is fair, resilient and environmentally sustainable and enables everyone in Glasgow to eat healthy, affordable, culturally appropriate Good Food irrespective of where they live, their income or personal circumstances.”

Representatives have been invited from the SNP, Scottish Greens, Scottish Labour, Scottish Conservatives, Alba and the Scottish Liberal-Democrats.

Why a 5:30pm start? We are starting the event at 5:30pm in order to be finished by 7pm, so that anyone who is observing Ramadan is able to fully participate.

You can see who the candidates are in all Glasgow wards here.

Local Food Consultation – Have Your Say

You can help more people gain access to the benefits of plot holding by responding to the Local Food Strategy Consultation from Scottish Government.

Those of us who have allotments know how lucky we are. Many of us felt that being able to go to our plots during the recent lockdowns kept us sane. There is now greater pressure than ever on waiting lists as many more Glaswegians realise how important it is be able to garden and grow food for yourself and others.

It need only take a few minutes to push for increased allotment provision in Glasgow. Information from this consultation could inform the agenda for climate change, health, and biodiversity, as well as for local food. 

The consultation is at Citizen Space Scotland under the title Local Food for Everyone:

The consultation closes on November 26th.

We would suggest responding to Question 4 in the online form by proposing that the Scottish Government should work to ensure that:

  1. Sufficient good land is conserved and made available by local authorities and public bodies for food growing in all urban and rural areas, so that everyone has an opportunity to grow their own food in their locality and this is recognised as a right.
  2. All public bodies are pro-active in working in partnership with local groups to raise awareness of the benefits of communal growing, and promote and enable the creation allotments, orchards and small market gardens across our cities.
  3. In partnership with public bodies, housing associations and voluntary organisations, the Government recognises and builds on the local indigenous food growing cultures of both Scots and other ethnic groups. Local food growing cultures are enabled, sustained and enriched by the provision of allotments. 

Please discuss the Consultation with others. If you have any questions or comments about this issue, please send them either to or post them on our Facebook Group.