The Parliament Allotment Enquiry

Many allotment sites in Glasgow have long waiting lists, are concerned about the rules and regulations and have no clear agreement with the Council on Association Committees’ management responsibilities.

The fact that information on the missives on the Council’s website consists of the 1959 rules and regs says it all!

The Community Empowerment Act passed in 2015 was supposed to sort all this out but action on implementation has been next to non-existent.

At last, the Scottish Parliament, in recognition of the rising demand for allotments and local food growing, is conducting an inquiry to find out what’s been happening on the ground over the last seven years.

Make your voice heard by filling in the questionnaire for the Parliament Allotment Inquiry

GAF has submitted our own response, which you can read below. Please use it when you write your own response, if that would be helpful.

Remember to get your response in by the 24th May – help would be plotters and the planet to a greener future.

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