Minutes & Reports

Action for New Allotments

Relevant Legislation

The Community Empowerment Act 2015

  • which includes a duty on local authorities to provide allotments, and to act if the waiting list exceeds 50% of the total number of allotment spaces owned by the council – see Section 112

The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019

  • which includes a duty on local authorities to provide an Open Space Strategy ‘to set out a strategic framework of the planning authority’s policies and proposals as to the development, maintenance and use of green infrastructure in their district‘ – see Section 3
Glasgow City Council Publications

Glasgow City Council’s Draft Food Growing Strategy

  • which the Council were required to write as a result of the Act above, and which includes a plan to develop new allotment sites over the next 5 years – see page 28

Glasgow City Council’s Open Space Strategy, adopted Feb 2020

  • which has overlap with the plans for new allotment spaces mentioned in the draft Food Growing Strategy, mentioned above

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