Price list, Veg of the Month and other matters

Potato Day is being held on Sunday this weekend (see Events page for details) so let the chitting begin!!

To help you make your choice of spuds here’s the latest price list:

Loose £
All varieties other than those detailed below per tuber

20 tubers of one variety



(Main crop)
Blue Danube  



per tuber

5 tubers

20 tubers of one variety








Golden Wonder, Organic
Highland Burgundy Red
Kingsman, Organic
Red Emmalie
Sarpo Una


per tuber

3 tubers

20 tubers





International Kidney, Charlotte

2kg £3.50
Albert Bartlett Potatoes

Elfe, Vivaldi

5 tuber packs £2
2kg packs £4.50
ONION sets…………Loose

Reb Baron, Sturon, Stuttgart Giant, 

Per scoop (80g/40 set/100ml approx) 40p
Packs as price marked: Snowball, Red Electric
SHALLOT sets…….Loose

Golden Gourmet

Per scoop (360g/18 sets/ 500ml approx) £2.00
Packs as price marked: Red Sun

Pink Germdour(SN), Cristo(SN)

Per bulb £1.50

Aquadulce Claudia

Masterpiece Green Windsor

Per scoop (100g/60 seeds/ 125ml approx) 70p 2 for £1
PEAS                        Loose

Kelvedon Wonder

Per scoop (60g/320 seeds/60ml approx) 50p 3 for £1
Potato planter bag Per bag £2.50 3 for £6
Orange mesh net Per net 20p
All other items as price marked

Veg of the Month

We’re thinking of making this a regular feature of our blog posts based on veg that can be harvested during each month of the year in Glasgow. We’d like to hear from you the veg you’d like to see us highlight for March and the reason for your choice so get in touch via our contact e-mail.


We’ve updated the contact details on our table of sites and also added a link to the GCC’s new map showing where the city’s allotment sites are located. Click on the Sites page to find this information.


Some events that you may be interested in.

Propagate are running a Veg Cities campaign in Glasgow. If you’re interested in joining in you can contact them at Propagate.

Trellis Scotland, the network for therapeutic gardening, are holding their annual conference on March 5th in Perth. For further details  contact them at Trellis Scotland  


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