Peat Free Growing // FebFest Day 1 of 6

Anton Rosenfeld has been with Garden Organic for 15 years. His work has ranged from projects with commercial field-scale growers to small-scale community gardens and allotments. He has worked as a […]

Allotment Forest Gardening // FebFest Day 3 of 6

Watch the recording A different type of cultivation based mostly on perennial leaf, shoot, fruit and nut crops. Alan Carter, author of ‘A Food Forest – plant it, grow it, […]

POSTPONED – Discussion: Welcoming New Scots // FebFest Day 6 of 6

We’ll hopefully be able to reschedule this discussion as part of our usual annual programme of talks and events. Keep an eye out here on our events calendar where we’ll publish this year’s series shortly, and you’ll be able to sign up for all of the Zooms! --- Come and share the way your site […]

Open Forum: Rewilding & Allotments

Rewilding on a small scale is about making a difference. Working with others, whether it's your neighbours or your local allotment group, is one of the best ways of increasing the cumulative impacts of rewilding.

Come along and discuss what you can do (or have been doing) to rewild your plot!