Presentation: An Evening About Peat (and going peat-free!)

The starting pistol has sounded and we’re off! Another growing season is underway. As we all reach for the seed sowing kit and seed packets we will all be thinking about getting our hands on quality growing medium to ensure the best chances for our darling seedlings & plants. Join us for a Q&A session […]

Presentation: Pruning Fruit Trees (Food Sustainability)

Eating fruit from historic apple trees enables us to enjoy the different tastes, scents and textures that our ancestors knew.  We can experience this on our allotments because apples and pears can be grown in cordons and espaliers, plums and cherries as fans. These do not take up too much room or cause problems for neighbours.  John Butterworth had a […]

Open Day – Victoria Park Allotments

Victoria Park Allotments

Victoria Park Allotments are located behind Scotstoun Leisure Centre and can be accessed from behind the flats in Northland Drive, G14 or from the Nature Walk which comes off Westland Drive G14