Event summary: how to preserve your harvest 🥫

We  had an interesting discussion on October 7th 2021 about preserving our produce, which covered a range of topics from seed-saving to sauerkraut.

We’ve written up a summary on the various techniques people have been using, with references to other sources of information and advice in our record of  the session.

Watch the event recording

Hover across the timeline bar at the bottom of the video to see the different ‘chapter’ markers where we discussed the various different techniques.

An Evening with Charles Dowding – ‘No-Dig: Allow Soil Life to Do the Work’ Mon 19 October at 19:00 (online)

We’re approaching capacity for a single Zoom meeting (100 people), but if you add your name, we’ll keep you on a waiting list.

If we aren’t able to get you off the waiting list, keep an eye on our Facebook Group and hopefully we’ll be able to livestream it there too!

Charles is well-known, but if you’ve never heard of him then now’s the time to learn something new from the master of no-dig.

When people hear those words, first thoughts are often of semi-wild patches of ground between crops, given over to wildlife. On the contrary – no-dig helps you cut down on weeds without all the back-breaking work.

As part of Charles’ current speaking tour of the UK, he’s agreed to add a stop for the plotholders of Glasgow. Of course, now that we’re living with certain restrictions, the event has shifted online so that people will actually be able to attend!

Watch these two videos first

27 mins
3 mins

A large part of no dig’s success is to do with the relative absence of weeds. You save so much time, and are free to be more creative, with less of the constant need to weed.

— Charles Dowding, https://charlesdowding.co.uk/start-here/

Starting the season 🌱

It’s that time again! The days are getting longer and, if you can dodge the rain for long enough, you can start getting a head-start on your plot.

On 9 January, the bi-monthly GAF meeting had the topic of ‘Starting the Season – Rearing Your Own Plants‘. Some of our most experienced members shared tips and answered questions from newer plotholders in a discussion that was so spirited it had to be forcibly cut off to make time for the business meeting that followed!

For those of you who couldn’t make it along, we’ve packaged up a summary of the key points. Skip on to page 2 below to read them online, or grab yourself a copy to download and keep (and print for the inside of your shed door, perhaps…)

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