On this page you will find information about:  the annual GAF Programme of meetings and events; Allotment Site Open Days and Other Events and Links to Reports on Events.

The GAF Programme

We hold six meetings a year usually on the evening of the first Thursday of the month in January, March, May, July, September and November. The first 5 meetings consist of a discussion or talk about a topic that members have suggested would be of interest to them followed by a break for coffee and tea. After the break there is a business meeting. The meeting in November is our Annual General Meeting. Everyone who is a plotholder in Glasgow can come along to our meetings.

                      THE GAF CALENDAR FOR 2018

                      THE GAF CALENDAR FOR 2018

Event Date Venue Time
Potato Day Feb. 18th Reidvale Centre

G31 1QW

11 – 3pm
Bee Keeping March 8th Garnethill Multicultural

Centre  G3 6RE

7 – 9pm
ADAs Presentations April 20th Garnethill Multicultural

Centre  G3 6RE

7 – 9pm
Involving Young People May 3rd Garnethill Multicultural

Centre  G3 6RE

6.30 – 9pm
Getting Funding July 5th Garnethill Multicultural

Centre G3 6RE

7 – 9pm
Duties, Rules and Regs. for Allotments Sept.  6th Garnethill Multicultural

Centre G3 6RE

7 – 9pm
GAF Workshop: Promoting Allotments Sept. 15th St.Georges Tron Buchanan St. 10.30- 1.00pm
Annual Celebration Oct. 6th


St Margarets Scottish

Episcopal Church  G43 2DS

2 – 4.30pm
AGM Nov. 1st Garnethill Multicultural

Centre G3 6RE

7 – 9pm


Minutes of this year’s meetings are on the Resources page.

Besides our regular meetings we run two annual events;

Celebration of Allotments 


The programme for this year’s Celebration on October 6th

Cafe and Stalls                                              2.00 – 4.00

Digital Storytelling                                      2.00 – 2.30

Plotholders’ Question Time                       2.30 – 3.00

New Plotholders’ Awards                           3.00 – 3.15

Launch of the War & Peas Recipe Book  3.15 – 3.20

Digital Storytelling                                       3.20 – 4.00


Potato Day

Potato Day in 2019 will be held on Sunday 24th February at the Reidvale Centre.

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 Allotment Site Open Days and Other Events in 2018 (for addresses see Sites)

Event Date & Time
Propagate – Glasgow Community Food Network

Veg City Open Gates Sept 14th – 17th

Springburn Gardens (North Glasgow Community Food Initiative)


Mansewood Allotments

      12.30 – 2.30


Open Farms and Gardens
Abi Mordin from Propagate. writes:
1. Coming up 14th-17th September is Open Farms and Gardens. We’re inviting projects across the city of all shapes and sizes to register by using this form. We’ll create a shareable and downloadable flier/timetable, and promote it widely. You’ll open up the garden and be there to welcome visitors, who will be coming to find out more about your project and hopefully get involved! Ideally, you will also be able to provide an Veg Centred activity; this could be as simple as a tour, or veg tastings, or a veg themed craft activity. You can ask for someone from the Veg Cities team to be there to help out (we can’t be everywhere, but we can try). The overall idea is to PROMOTE VEG!
2. Pop Up Producer Markets will be happening in different places in the city. We’re planning 2 for this season, one very likely to be in the East End, the other Central or West. They’ll be open to anyone – growers of any type or people who make things – to come with produce or products. Dates TBC, look out for these!
3. We’re looking to get more Veg Cities workshops and activities happening in schools, colleges and with community groups everywhere. If you have an idea, or contacts we can work with let us know.



A Masterclass in Managing your Capital Build Project
with Tim Cowen, Bruce Newlands and David Cook

Tuesday 9th October 9.30am – 4.30pm
at GCVS Albany Centre with study visit to Woodlands Workspace

£95 including lunch and refreshments


A practical and interactive course that will cover :

Developing your Project
Getting the Team in Place
Refining and Phasing Your Project
Obtaining Consents
Dealing with Utilities
Understanding the cost of your project
Getting your Business Plan Right
Obtaining Funding
Maximising cost efficiency of your building


Links to Reports on Events in 2018

Meeting with Anna Richardson

May 17th Community Learning Exchange visit