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Seaweed extract (various sizes)


Vitax Organic Liquid Seaweed is a concentrated seaweed extract for healthy growth of flowering plants and vegetables. Regular use will help plants withstand environmental stress and increase resistance to pest and disease attack. Vitax Organic Liquid Seaweed can be used as a liquid root drench or foliar spray on flowers, fruit, vegetables, tomatoes, shrubs and trees using a watering can, hose-end dilutor or fine sprayer.

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Vitax Organic Liquid Seaweed

A concentrated liquid seaweed extract for healthy growth of plants:  flowers, fruit & vegetables, shrubs and trees. Regular use will help plants to withstand environmental stress, pest & disease attacks. A great tonic.

Key Information:

  • NPK – Negligible
  • Each 2L bottle makes up to 800 L of liquid seaweed
  • All-purpose source of organic nutrients and trace elements
  • Assists in producing healthier, more resilient plants, fruit & veg
  • Can be mixed with other liquid or soluble feeds
  • Child and pet friendly

Advice & Tips:

  • Shake well before use
  • Measure the required amount of liquid seaweed, mix with water & stir well
  • Once diluted, apply to individual plants according to pack instructions
  • Apply using a watering can, fine sprayer or hose-end dilutor.
  • Store away from direct sunlight between 0 & 30°C

Dilution Rates:

Note: 1 capful measures 20ml

Usage Dilution Treatment
Propagating/ transplanting Mix 1 cap with 8 L of water apply as a root drench at each watering or drench the rootball before transplanting
Growing on/ Mature plants Mix 1 cap with 4 L of water apply as a root drench or foliar spray, thoroughly wetting the leaves, every 7-10 days during the growing season
Fruit crops/ tomatoes Mix 1 cap with 4 L of water spray before and during flowering to improve fruit set


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