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Developed for the prevention of foliar blight in tomatoes and potatoes. This a 100% natural product with no chemicals and is safe to use in your garden. Simply add 40ml of the JBA Blight Guard concentrate to 20 litres of water and either spray onto the foliage or apply with a watering can. Spraying is considered to be the best method of application as you need to spray the foliage on both sides of the leaf. The solution can also be made up in smaller batches of 10ml to 5 litres of water.

You should use this product every 7 days during June – September to help combat the threat of blight. If you have a period of weather that’s more likely to cause blight (Smith Period) then use the product at the time that period is forecast.

Use any mixed solution within 48hrs of being mixed with water. This product will only help to reduce the chances of your crops getting blight and like any other product; we can’t guarantee that it will prevent blight in all cases.

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