Celebration Gallery: Keep them Coming 🖼️

The first set of photos have rolled in for our celebration gallery.

Keep sending in photos, paintings, written pieces and video clips from your own plot and let us know what it means to you during lockdown.

Preview of celebration gallery

Catch up on the original invitation…

Call for photos, sketches & stories 📷

We call upon our members and friends to join us in this virtual celebration by sending us pictures, sketches, or stories of your allotment for the rest of this year.

Enjoying Your Plot in a Time of Pandemic 🙂

We’ve all had a few weeks to get used to being in lockdown now, and one thing that’s clearer than ever is that having your own outdoor space is fantastically beneficial for our health and wellbeing.

With the sun bursting through the clouds this week, we hope those of you who aren’t self-isolating at the moment are able to get out and enjoy the effects of the fresh air and the exercise.

The sight of some familiar faces and some meaningful conversation shouted across plot boundaries from a safe distance is something a lot of others will be missing at the moment, so go and (responsibly) take advantage.

Perhaps you could even use this as a chance to shout hello to some new folk at your plot you’ve never met before. You never know how much a small act can brighten someone else’s day!

Michael Gove clarifies that allotments count as ‘allowable exercise’ – 24 March 2020

Now that central government advice about what we can and can’t do has stayed fairly unchanged for a little while, your plots’ committes have probably got their own notices up to help make sure everyone’s site stays safe. Make sure you familiarise yourself with any local arrangments. The average time before any Covid-19 symptoms appear is around 5 days, before which you can still be contagious, so it’s important that you think about the safety of everyone around you too. That means being careful around any communal areas, e.g. facilities for drawing water, or the one thing that probably every member of your plots touches: the front gate.

Glasgow City Council has confirmed that allotment sites will remain open to allow the appropriate upkeep of plots, and they’ve linked to the National Allotment Society’s more in-depth guidance.

If you’re on a committee and you haven’t already shared advice with your members, this is a good starting point:

If you’d like to share your own site’s advice with the rest of the Glasgow allotment community, jump over to the Glasgow Allotments Forum Facebook page. A few others have already posted theirs – just scroll back to see them.

Happy gardening, and keep yourself (and others) safe!