Potato Day 2022 – Early Plans

It might still be early days, but the wheels have started turning on plans for next year’s Potato Day.

We’ll again be taking bulk orders from whole allotment sites at a reduced cost, as well as personal orders for individual buyers.

All orders will go through the online shop, which we used to great success for the first time last year. We’ll move back to a physical event as soon as we’re sure it’s safe and manageable, but for this year at least, we’ll keep it simple and go through our website.

We’ll collect pre-orders over a number of weeks, gauge what level of stock to order from the commercial suppliers, and then arrange for delivery at a date to be confirmed towards the end of February.

Keep an eye out for more posts here on the GAF website for information as we firm up our plans over the next several weeks or months. In the meantime, you can browse the stock we offered last year through the GAF online shop. We aren’t taking any orders, but we’ll leave the shop there to get you thinking about what you might want to buy!

Join our working group: define the relationship between allotment sites and Glasgow City Council

This year there will be changes that effect every existing local authority allotment site in Glasgow and determine the future of food growing in the City.

This important report on our Open Forum discussion (held via Zoom on Thu 1st July) describes what those changes are likely to be. It underlines the importance of ensuring that every site contributes to the debate about the way ahead.

It is also important that those on our waiting lists, who want to become plotholders, are aware of the issues at stake in opening up the opportunity for them to do so.

Our thanks to those who came along and contributed to this important discussion. We are setting up a short life working group to carry forward the tasks listed under Next Steps on page 4 of the Report.

The first Zoom meeting will be held on Wednesday 28th July at 7.30pm

If you’d like to join the group please let us know on GAFForum@gmail.com.

Open Zoom Discussion – Thursday 6 May 7-8pm

People at an open day

Do you think allotment sites should encourage a greater knowledge and experience of the natural environment and food growing in their locality?

Register below to come along and share experiences and ideas about working with community groups. Discuss the why, what and how of contributing to your local community in these ways – particularly in the light of COVID.

Share experiences and practice of opening up sites to the local community, working with educational and therapeutic groups, having Open Days and arranging visits – what are the benefits, and hassles of such activities.

The new Open Forum Meetings on Zoom are intended to give us a chance, as Glasgow plot holders, to have our say about issues that concern us. These meetings are open to all members of GAF (Glasgow plot holders are automatically members of GAF through their Associations).

Members are welcome to email us on GAFForum@gmail.com or to contact us through our website at http://www.glasgowallotments.org to put forward topics they would like to see discussed.