Attend a Key Council Consultation Event: New Rules and Regulations for Allotments and a Scheme of Devolved Allotment Site Management

At last, we are in the position of being able to discuss new rules and regulations rather than having allotment site governance obscured under a set of Rules and Regulations that were issued in 1959 – long since unfit for purpose.

There has never been an agreed scheme for devolving management to Associations in Glasgow, nor any written documentation making clear who is responsible for what when it comes the Associations’ and Glasgow City Council’s responsibilities for site management.

Whether we have an open and transparent system which meets the needs of associations and their members is up to us to try and assure.

Glasgow City Council has invited plotholders to attend meetings in three areas of Glasgow.

allotment with wooden shed and fence

Please make sure you have your say:

We are planning to undertake a series of 3 public engagement events to discuss the Allotment Rules and Regulations and devolved site management.  We would like all Allotment Associations to be represented at these discussions where possible, as we are keen that everyone who wishes to contribute has their voice heard.

We have arranged an engagement event for each of the City sectors (north west, north east and south). Attend at a date/location that suits you best.

Glasgow City Council

Draft rules & regs plus a scheme of delegation to get you started…

GAF recently organised a working party to look at rules and regulations, with representation from committees on eight Glasgow sites who responded to our open invitation.

We created two draft documents: new suggestions for Rules and Regulations; and the other – particularly useful for this consultation – for a Scheme of Delegation.

Read these to help you think about what you’d say at the consultations:


We’re not organising these consultations, but we can help you think about your ideas before you go along.


Each day will run 11am – 4pm with a break for lunch.

The morning theme (11am-1pm) will be about rules and regulations, and the afternoon theme (2-4pm) will be devolved management.

North-West (Cancelled)

Saturday 19th November – Kats Centre, Sighthill


Saturday 26th November 11-4 – Cranhill Development Trust


Saturday 3rd December 11-4 – Kinning Park Comples

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