Peat-free compost webinar with Dalefoot

The starting pistol has sounded and we’re off! Another growing season is underway. As we all reach for the seed sowing kit and seed packets we will all be thinking about getting our hands on quality growing medium to ensure the best chances for our darling seedlings & plants.

Join us for a Q&A session with Dalefoot founder Jane Barker Thursday 8th April 7pm.

We’ll also have a showing of two films about the making of compost and the work that Dalefoot does in peat bog restoration (including Scotland).

Dalefoot have been making composts from Lakeland bracken and sheep wool for over 10 years, increasing the range and versatility of their products.

Thu 8
Peat-free Compost Webinar with DalefootRegister here and we’ll send you the Zoom link!

GAF has also arranged a consignment of peat-free Dalefoot composts at an excellent price, which can be purchased through the GAF Web Shop.

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