Potato Day 2021

Talk to your allotment group and get your orders in early!

4 thoughts on “Potato Day 2021

  1. Any idea when individual order forms will be ava

    1. Hi Anne – that’s the individual orders ready to go now!

      1. hi how do i get my seed potatoes this year,i usually come a distance to get these from north lanarkshire area in newmains.I have been coming here for at least few years now and look forward to getting my supply of tatties and also onions and also i bring my seeds to swap too.

      2. Glad you’ve enjoyed it so much in the past! We’re not able to have a full potato day this year, so there’ll be no seed swap I’m afraid. You can see the run-down of how orders and collections will work over on in the FAQ at the top of the shop front page.

        Our activities this year are going to be in the form of FebFest.

        There’s a link to the both the shop and to FebFest over on our homepage!

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