Cast your vote on Wednesday at 7pm – Allotment Development Awards 2020 🗳️

This year’s Allotment Development Awards are going ahead online at 7pm on Wednesday 19 August (next week).

You’ll need to register first to get access to the link, so visit the registration page here to put your name down on the list!

There are 3 contenders competing to win one of the £500 prizes by telling us their plans for how they’d spend the money to develop their site. They’ll give us a 3-5 minute presentation, accompanied either by a video or a written plan, and then the audience will have a chance for a 5-minute question-and-answer session, discussing the strengths of each bid.

Each attendee will then get one vote to cast in each of the three regional competition areas. Votes will be cast via a poll within Zoom, and the winners will be announced live at the end of the vote.

The presentation videos / written plans will be posted here as they come in to us, so have a look at them before the event.

It’ll be a great chance to see how other people run their allotment sites, and it might give you some inspiration on how you could develop your own. You might even decide to start thinking about an application of your own, for next year…

The competitors

Have a look at these before you come along to vote!

‘Creating a Great Green Community’
Springburn Gardens

‘Community Orchard’
Lambhill Allotments

‘Harmony Gardeners’
Oatlands Gate Allotments

Casting your vote

The awards should be judged against our 3 criteria:

  • Caring for the Earth
  • Building Your Association
  • Making Local Connections

The voting process is simple, but to make it even simpler (and fairer), here’s a full guide to what you should think about when making up your mind:

Running order:

  1. Brief welcome and explanation of the process
  2. Presentations
    – Lambhill Allotments
    – Oatlands Gate Allotments
    – Springburn Allotments
  3. Voting
  4. Announcement of winners

If you have any questions, either about the awards or the technology, just let us know.

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