A Handover, the Annual Reports and the draft AGM minutes for 2019


I am delighted to tell you that someone new is taking over our website. Scott Ramsay from Sir John Maxwell has volunteered to run the site from now on.


I was always a reluctant blogger – although I was quite pleased with myself when I learned how to do the basics AND surprised at how satisfying it was when I did manage to put together a reasonable piece for the site. Nevertheless, making a decent post has often been frustrating because of my cack-handedness with the technology, so I am really pleased to be handing over to someone who KNOWS what they’re doing.

However, I’m not expecting to go away altogether – so I’ll be still be writing the odd piece from time to time.

Best wishes



Our 2019 AGM was held on November 7th. We discussed our Annual Report and received our  Accounts (see the Resources page for these reports and the Draft Minutes). Richard Sharp has taken over as Minutes Secretary from Judy and Scott   new member to the Executive and discussed topics for next year’s bi-monthly meetings (see the Calendar for 2020 on the Events page).

We’re kicking off the new year with a session on starting the growing season on January 9th  looking at seed sowing and rearing young plants, followed by a session on March 5th looking at the outcomes of our three local area discussions about of the work of Glasgow’s allotment associations.  We’ll publish the full bi-monthly programme once the other sessions have been arranged. Meanwhile if there’s anything you would like to see included please get in touch.

Our next big event is Potato Day which falls on February 23rd – more details to come later. The Celebration of Allotments will take place Saturday October 3rd.



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