Asking Your Plotholding Questions & the Celebration Programme, Themes for the Governance Workshop and the Food Strategy.

 Celebration of Allotments: Plotholders’ Question Time.

Send in your  questions for Plotholders’ Question Time on the afternoon of September 28th at St Margaret’s Episcopal Church.

Just  drop us an email giving the name of your allotment site and your question.


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The programme for the afternoon is:

2.0                  Doors open

2.30 – 3.00    Plotholders’ Question Time

3.15                ADAs awards

3.30                New Plotholders’ Awards

The Celebration will take place at St Margaret’s Episcopal Church on Kilmarnock Road, G43 2DS from 2-4.30 pm.


The Governance Workshop

The purpose of the workshop on Saturday September 21st is to look to the future governance of GCC allotments given the implementation of the Community Empowerment Act (CEA). The agenda will be covering such things as:

•          clarifying the relation between Associations and the Council – roles & responsibilities of both parties

•          constitutions – what sort of common framework do we want – what should be down to local variation

•          conflict resolution – roles and responsibilities

•         limits of delegation of responsibility for waiting lists given the 5 year maximum rule

•         managing plot sizes in response to members’ needs specifically the allocation of plots when an association member wants to either downsize or upsize.

•        communication and transparency (accountability of the City Council under the terms of the CEA).

The purpose of the meeting is to gather the views of Association representatives about their future governance under the terms of the Community Empowerment Act. These provisions will affect all sites that are owned or leased by Glasgow City Council.

Food Strategy

During  her talk on September 5th Abi Morden mentioned the Food Strategy which is being developed by the Good Food for All partnership. They are looking for input into the following themes:

                 1. FOOD POVERTY & FAIR FOOD FOR ALL

                 2. COMMUNITY FOOD (with a link to Food Growing)

                 3. FOOD PROCUREMENT & CATERING

                 4. FOOD ECONOMY

                 5. ENVIRONMENT & FOOD WASTE

                 6. FOOD FOR CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE

If you are interested please get in touch with Abi –

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