Low Tech Rainwater Harvesting, New Working Group on Site Governance and September’s Minutes

Low Tech Rainwater Harvesting (while we’re having this summer of downpours!!)

When we got our plot we inherited a rainwater collection system behind our shed which gives us  four large barrels of water to draw from.

Rain Pic 3

It’s a very simple syphoning system which has worked really well for us over the ten years we’ve had our plot. It can obviously be adapted to run with either 2 or 3 barrels as well.

If you’re interested you can find more information  here Low Tech Rainwater Harvesting  (There are also articles/videos about syphoning systems for collecting rainwater on the web)

New Short Life Working Group : Future Governance of Glasgow’s Allotment Sites

We would very much like to get representatives from all the local authority sites across the City to join in this discussion if they can. The first meeting will take place on Saturday September 21stst 10.00 am – 12.30 pm at the Tron Church on Buchanan Street (coffee and lunch provided).

The purpose of the first meeting of this group on Saturday September 21st is:

a) To gather the views of association representatives about their future governance under the terms of the Community Empowerment Act. These provisions will affect all sites that are owned or leased by Glasgow City Council.

b) To agree an agenda for a short life working group which will make recommendations about the way ahead as part of a review of Glasgow’s allotments.

c) To agree the dates and venue for a series of 4 meetings over the winter season in order to carry out this work.

Please contact Jenny (use this website’s contact) if you would like to join the group.

(See also the previous post on August 15th – “Meeting GCC’  to catch up with some of the background issues)

The draft minutes for the GAF meeting on September 5th and Sandy’s latest report can be found on the Resources page.

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