Harvest, Producing Food in Glasgow and Responding to the Consultation on Social Prescribing

With the harvest in full swing, and friends and neighbours already beginning to look dubious when you chap the door with yet more courgettes on offer, now’s a good time to think about what preserves and baking you might be able to contribute to our Celebration of Allotments at St.Margaret’s Episcopal Church on September 28th  

We’re looking to have a good range of baking in the café and a variety of produce and preserves on our stall that shows off what Glasgow allotments are capable of producing.

If you think you can help please get in touch.


Our next meeting on Thursday September 5th (Garnethill Multicultural Centre, Rose St.  7 – 8 pm) will start with a talk by Abi Morden from Propagate (www.propagate.org.uk). All those who are interested in the topic are welcome. 

Roots to Market – Building a Local Food Economy from the Ground Up

This talk and discussion will focus on the work done so far in Glasgow to stimulate our local food economy. There is enormous potential to be harvested in increased urban food production. We need to think innovatively and creatively about how we use land, buildings, resources and supply chains to get more people eating local.

(Agenda of Business Meeting 8 – 9pm to follow)

The Parliamentary Health and Sports Committee are seeking views on social prescribing. Judy writes:

“I think it is really important we get an input into this – before August 30th. Gardening is a physical activity and, in line with our Manifesto, we need doctors to prescribe community gardening opportunities as well as walking groups or sports.”  The link is


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