Enter for the ADAs, it’s a great opportunity. Here’s ADA Tale 2

ADA Tale 2: Springburn Gardens

Winning the ADA for the North West area last year enabled us to move on with our project to refurbish some old dog kennels – which doesn’t sound particu;arly exciting. However, we’re just beginning to realise, now that we’ve nearly completed the conversion what a difference this project makes to what we can do as an association.

We planned to use the money to convert two huts for use as a schoolroom and a field kitchen so that we could open up  part of our site as a nature reserve for local schools and other groups to visit and enjoy. Getting the £500 enabled us to make a start and encouraged  us to apply successfully for a local area partnership grant.

The finished Schoolroom

DSCN6379 2

The schoolroom is already regularly in use by a group of pupils from our local secondary school and people interested in learning about foraging. The completed field kitchen will allow us to host workshops for using fresh produce such as making preserves and using fermentation techniques etc.

Foraging Workshop

IMG-4300 2

Now that we have almost completed the conversion we have realised that these two buildings not only give us the potential to develop new connections with local groups but also give our membership exciting new possibilities to get together as a community.

GET YOUR ENTRY IN : 3 prizes of £500 to support allotment development projects (see details on the Awards page).

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