The ADAs and the May Minutes

We are delighted to be able to offer the ADAs again this year. The purpose of these awards is to help allotment sites improve and sustain their communities and their environment and support the sharing of knowledge and good practice across Glasgow’s allotment sites.

THE ADAs Poster 3.jpg


Three awards of £500 will be on offer to allotment associations, one each for the South, the North East and the North West area of the City.

If members on your allotment site have a project they would like to develop which would benefit from some extra cash then why not enter for the award. You’ll find all the details here in THE ADAS  and  THE ADAs proposal 2019 .

Associations which would like to make a pitch for the award should register their interest with our secretary Chris Kuhn by June 30that and include the title of their project in the e-mail.

The minutes of the GAF  meeting held on May 2nd are now up on the Resources page.

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