Decisions for Next Season and Glasgow’s Food Strategy

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The AGM  welcomed the draft Manifesto that we published in September and agreed that it should be adopted. We plan to send it out to all our members as well as to Councillors on the Executive and Environment Committees of the GCC.

A number of topics were suggested for our meetings in 2019 :

  • Soil: structure, composition and No Dig methods
  • Organic pest and disease control
  • Sustainable Glasgow – the Green City Initiative.
  • Latest science on how plants grow, respond to the environment and relate to each other.
  • Dignity Report – Ending Hunger Together in Scotland.

Let us know what would interest you most or if there’s another topic  you would like to add.

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We’ll also be looking at suggestions of a new award for the Lotte Glob Trophy which is currently  on display in the Kibble Palace at Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens. A decision on whether to offer the Allotment Development Awards again this year will be taken in March.

(The draft minutes of the AGM are now on the Resources page.)

Food Strategy

On the policy front the Guidelines for Local Authorities on preparing a food-growing strategy have been published this month. It is part of the implementation of this section of the Community Empowerment Act that concerns the provision of land for allotments. There is further information about this aspect of policy that you might be interested in on the Grow Your Own Scotland website. On the same topic  Propagate have published  a report called “Roots to Market; Towards a Sustainable Local Food Economy in Glasgow’.

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