Getting Funding, Rules and Regulations & National Allotment Week

Listening to Radio 4 this morning I found out that August 13 – 19this National Allotments Week – so a good week for attending Open Days.

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Getting Funding Discussion Report

You’ll find the report of our discussion on Getting Funding on the Sites page together with links to useful websites. The report is about how to make a successful bid for money to maintain and improve your site. We took eight main messages from our discussion:

  • Make sure your story fits with the funder’s purposes.
  • Check that you are eligiblefor funding.
  • Ask for advicefrom the funder/relevant organisations about whether or not your project is suitable for funding and seek feedbackon your ideas.
  • Talk to allotment associations which have already secured funding about their experiences.
  • Have a strategyfor funding your project if it’s going to cost a lot.
  • Remember you can put forward the cost of your members’ labour (both physical and intellectual) as part of your contribution to project.
  • Don’t give up easily. If you get turned down seek advice on how to improve your case from the funder and re-apply.
  • Establish your presence locally and on the web.


Next Meeting – Rules & Regs.

Our meeting on Thursday September 6th will start with a discussion of Rules and Regulations – this is a topical issue given that Glasgow City Council is obliged to consult on, and issue new regulations under Part 9 of the Community Empowerment Act.

Currently we’re operating on local authority sites with regulations that were passed by the Council in 1959. These definitely need updating. We have a very different mix of people who are plotholders now with a very different set of interests and purposes. New Rules and Regs. need to take account of this change in demography.

Do come along and join the discussion – Garnethill Multicultural Centre 7pm..

Autumn Bonfires

It’s coming up to that time in the year when there’s clearing up to be done. Responding to an enquiry from High Carntyne about burning gardening waste on allotment sites we were directed to the following advice by Sandy Paterson from Land and Environmental Services:

“It is permissible to burn garden rubbish in a Smoke Control zone, but you should not cause a nuisance to your neighbours. However, we would encourage everybody to dispose of their garden rubbish in a sustainable way.

For details of how you can dispose of garden rubbish please contact our Waste Management Section on 0141 287 9700. If you require further information or advice on air quality and smoke control then please phone 0141 287 1059




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